Thank you to the following people for their efforts:
Teresa Bowden for gathering the pictures and captions,
Bob Roehm and Andy Anderson for photo scanning and editing,
and Mark Paul for creating the Web pages.
We also want to thank those who contributed their pet pictures and captions.

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ThumbnailPet NamePet Owner
Drowser Robb Allen
Misha Eric Neagle
Motorhead & Misfit Anna Marie Johnson
Ashley Nina Deeley
Oden Paul Russell
Valkrie Paul Russell
Boomer Rachel Hodge
Mister Rhett John Whitfield
Sigmund Anonymous
CrackerJack Terri Holtze
Tiger Diane Nichols
Two-Face Diane Nichols
Cricket & Spike Vivian Harrison
Caitlin Amy & Mike Purcell
Rusty Bill Carner
Taz Bill Carner
Dolly & Dory Bill Carner
Bee Melissa Long Shuter
Rudi Chuck Hughes
Kate Delinda Buie
Emma Delinda Buie
Miss Kitty & Skipper Andy Anderson
Skippy (aka Skipper) Andy Anderson
Miss Kitty Andy Anderson
Skipper Andy Anderson
Hester & Chester Judith Niles
Max Rachel Hodge
Saani Melissa Laning
Mr. Lynn Diane Nichols
Pippi Amy & Mike Purcell
Jo Dog Cocker (Jody) Robin Harris
Sophie Sally Wren
Smokey Susi Knoer
Sniffles & Jezebel Amy & Mike Purcell
Sparky & Babs Amy & Mike Purcell
Alley Baba Susi Knoer
Alley Baba Susi Knoer
Arney & Toby Michael ben Avraham
Gwydion Karen Feder