From the University Librarian

October was a very busy month for the libraries. Use of libraries has increased substantially as reported by most service areas. Suggestions from our constituents are now being collected on a regular basis and point out some of our good services and some future improvements. Almost all of the libraries have received requests for additional hours, and we are beginning to address this issue. In the future, much more information will be provided regarding user needs.

Below I have highlighted library activities in progress during October:


  • Student lounge revitalization
  • Continuous work with the new security system
  • Upgrading of signs
  • Dealing with food and drink issues


  • Increase in number of students involved in information literacy training
  • Updating of electronic databases
  • Library Liaison Program is having an impact with faculty in identifying user needs
  • User suggestion forms are beginning to point out user needs and good services which have been received.
  • The RFP for the new library system is out and responses are due November 14.


  • Plans for Homecoming activities are in full gear.
  • Sponsorship of the Bicentennial radio spots is a success.
  • The special book bags are a hit with many of our donors and supporters.


  • Sponsorship with the Louisville Free Public Library of a National Teleconference on "Libraries, the Internet and the First Amendment."
  • Cooperative work with SAALCK is in high gear to make the Virtual Library a reality in the state and to share electronic databases.
  • The Rededication of the African American Collection will focus the community’s attention on important information resources housed in the University Libraries.


  • Planning is proceeding toward reorganization into teams, and appropriate informational meetings will be held soon.

--Hannelore Rader, University Librarian