Ekstrom Library

Media and Current Periodicals
Great New Videos
Two videos we've recently added to our collection are excellent documentaries dealing with regional and local issues. Harlan County USA won the 1976 Academy Award for Best Documentary. It chronicles the heroic fight of 180 coal mining families for dignity and fairness in Harlan County, Kentucky. Battle for the Minds is a stunning exposé of the conservative takeover of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville. It explores the rising tensions within the Southern Baptist world as it focuses on one woman's struggle against the movement's religious leaders and their views on the role of ordained women in the Baptist church.

Good News
On May 24th David Horvath will receive the Trinity Peace Medal at the Trinity High School commencement. David has already received the Archdiocese Peace and Justice Award and, with his wife Mary, the Father Jim Flynn Peacemaker Award at Epiphany. Congratulations, David, for another well-deserved tribute to your work.

Eric is celebrating a blessed family event. His Adenium obesum var."Karoo Rose," a plant which hails from South Africa, is blooming for the second time since 1986! The flowers are pink, with a lemony yellow center, and there are currently six of them.

Wendy has made her first rhubarb pie of the season. Summer is almost here.

Office of the University Librarian
Office Changes in Ekstrom
Personnel News
JERRY BEASLEY has been hired as Library Administrative Specialist, Grade 11, in DADS effective May 5, 1998. Since 1995 he has been a staff assistant /third shift supervisor in the Circulation Department of the UK King Library. NICOLE DE VAUGHN, who joined the Libraries in November as Library Assistant II, has been promoted to Library Assistant III, Grade 10, in DADS effective April 19, 1998. In her new position Nicole will coordinate interlibrary loan activities.

CAROL LUCCHESI was hired as Library Assistant III, Grade 10, in Serials as of March 30, 1998. She had been a student assistant in DADS for a year and a half.

APRIL ROBERTSON resigned her position as Program Assistant II in the Office of Information Literacy on April 7.

PANOS STEPHENS has been hired as half-time Library Assistant III, Grade 10, effective June 9, 1998. He will serve as course reserve assistant in DADS. Panos comes from Connecticut and has approximately six years of broad library experience.

Anna Marie Johnson and Teresa Bowden attended the KLA Academic Section / SLA Kentucky Chapter joint conference at Lake Cumberland. It was a beautiful location, even though the weather wasn't the greatest. They still managed to go hiking between sessions...and got completely soaked for their efforts. They had a good time, but were happy to eat somewhere besides the lodge dining room after three days.

Glenda Neely and her family took a vacation to the San Francisco area to visit relatives and to sightsee. The weather was cool but beautiful. They enjoyed seeing the Legion of Honor museum and visiting the Stanford campus.

Special Collections
Bill Carner took a clipboard rather than his team to Southern Indiana Draft Horse & Mule Association field day outside Corydon on Saturday, April 25. Dolly, half of Bill's team is lame due to arthritis and Bill hasn't gotten set up to work Dory single yet. So, having no team to plow with, Bill was elected to try to keep things organized. Bill described the job as being "easier than herding chickens."

The photographic work of Barbara Crawford (Fine Prints Curator) and students, Deirdre Scaggs and Robin Wallace will be represented in "Quixotic, Exotic" which opens May 29 at Artswatch, 2337 Frankfort Avenue. The show will continue through June 27.
Quixotic - (kwik-sot-ik) [After Don Quixote, here and title of a romance by Miguel de Cervantes (1547- 1616).] Idealistic in a romantic and impractical way.

Susi Knoer was in Cincinnati recently, selling her scale miniatures at a miniature show. (She's an Artisan designate of the International Guild of Miniature Artisans for her needlework.) Susi says that miniatures are an extension of her theater work, with all the design elements but no egos. "When a doll just doesn't work out, you can dismember it or throw it away. Equity fines you for that," she says.

Susi and volunteer James Calvert built a model of the UofL streetcar loop, the station, and the trolleys for the current Bicentennial exhibit, Our Streetcar Campus.

Once again we have the pleasure of working with our favorite Parisian librarian volunteer. (Well, actually she is our only Parisian librarian volunteer, but we really like her!) Nadia Pazolis has visited Louisville once every two years for the past six years. She says she is perfecting her English. Nadia is an Audiovisual Librarian for the Bibliothèque nationale de France (BnF). The BnF (the equivalent to our Library of Congress) is the legal depository for all multimedia and print materials, maps, coins and metals, and engravings published in France. Nadia works in the CD-Rom section of the audiovisual department, which also includes sound and video. (A benefit of the job is that Nadia and her colleagues are the first to experience all the new music, games and videos.) It is her job to create records for the national bibliographic database. Publishers, distributors or producers must deposit two copies of each document (only one if less that 50 copies) to the BnF approximately 48 hours before the publication date. This guarantees them legal protection and a record in the BnF database. One copy will be stored in the "low level" of the BnF for researchers and "accredited people" and the other copy will be forever stored in an annex for conservation where no one will ever have access to it. While staying in Louisville, Nadia has spent much of her time chez les Purcell. Some of her favorite pastimes are seeing American movies, reading Calvin and Hobbes and walking. She has introduced Amy and Mike to the best French chocolate ... 72%, 74% and 76% pure chocolate. Needless to say, Nadia is serious about her chocolate.

Stacks Maintenance
Welcome to new student assistant Erika Wood and welcome back to Alejandro Corres.

Shifting Project
Very big thanks to those in Content Access who have volunteered to help us with our Summer shifting project: Chuck Hughes, Alice Abbott-Moore, Carol Lucchesi, and Ruth Holman. Please remind Don Dean if you have volunteered and he forgot, or if you would like to lend your services. The best way to contact Don is by email. The shifting project, which is planned to begin sometime in the beginning of June, will take place in the 3rd and 4th floor monographs. We will be removing the books and adjusting the shelves so that we can use six rather than the current five shelves in each section. We are combining this with cleaning the shelves while they are empty. Additionally, we're planning to move the Oversize Collection from the 2nd floor to the area by the Theses and Deweys on the 3rd floor. I expect that this entire project will take about 500 hours, and that it will be completed by the first day of class in the Fall (August 24). The extent of your involvement depends on how long you are willing or able to make yourself available.

Kersey Library
Wedding Bells
Please join us in congratulating our own Wassile Ibrahim on his marriage April 17. He and his wife, Susan, had a very short honeymoon due to returning to their respected positions this week. They are looking to further plans this summer … hopefully!

Carol Brinkman has been busy attending conferences. She attended the KLA Conference at Lake Cumberland April 15-17. From April 23-24 she attended the KLA Conference in Lexington.

Jan Kulkarni attended the Chemical Information Programs session of the National Meeting of the American Chemical Society in Dallas on March 28-31. All Jan's expenses for the conference were funded by the Chemistry Department.

Steve Whiteside has taken on quite a "home improvement" project for the second floor office here at Kersey Library. The second floor office is for all serials and binding work and topographical and geological map processing, as well as a service point for patrons. After a few trips to the surplus area and eyeing some unique office furnishings, Steve had the makings of a whole new look for the second floor office area. Steve's talent for reorganizing not only gave the office a new image but more efficient for patron services. Congratulations … way to go Steve!

Dig This…
This is "a dream come true" for Michael Weinert. He will be doing some fieldwork this summer for an archaeological dig in Portugal. It is a Roman villa ‘Torre de Palma' directed by Dr. Stephanie Maloney of Art History. Michael, who is a native Louisvillian, has a BA in Anthropology and has done some fieldwork in the Bluegrass and Appalachian regions of Kentucky. He is very interested in anthropological archaeological fieldwork, especially pertaining to western Roman provinces.

May Birthdays
Mark Paul, Nirmal Kasinath and Jeff Shelton are celebrating their birthdays this month. Kersey Library would also like to extend a Happy Birthday to all the library personnel celebrating their birthday this month.

Kornhauser Library
Natalie and Gary Freiburger celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary on a week-long cruise in the Caribbean. The highlight of the trip was the total solar eclipse which they viewed from the deck of the ship with several hundred others. Along with the truly awesome experience of seeing the sun turn black and the stars come out at 2 in the afternoon, they enjoyed visiting friends in San Juan, shopping on Aruba, star gazing on Curacao, snorkeling on St. Croix and swimming off of St. Thomas. Of course they also enjoyed visiting the many buffets, ice cream parties and chocolate extravaganzas available onboard their ship!

Michael Purcell is the soccer coach for the Holy Spirit Falcons. The team, which includes his stepson Sam, is made up of 7th and 8th grade boys and girls. They have won their first three games: 13-0, 2-0 and 3-0. It's his first coaching experience.

Felix Garza recently returned from a trip to south Texas, where it was "hot, hot, sweaty hot."

Kathy Rogers made a quick trip to St. Louis, where she visited the Arch and toured the Anheuser-Busch Brewery.

Nancy Utterback and Judy Wulff attended the KLA Academic and Special Sections Meeting at Lake Cumberland State Park.

Kornhauser Library will host a teleconference on May 12, "The Digital Library: An Oxymoron."

Welcome to Martha "Marty" Shearer, the new library assistant at the Rowntree Library (University Hospital Library).

Law Library
The Louisville Mandolin Orchestra performed at the Filson Club Historical Society on the evening of April 23, 1998. After a presentation on the history of mandolin orchestras in Louisville by LMO Conductor Jim Bates, the group played several tunes from the turn of the century and the ever-popular Stephen Foster Medley. The LMO was honored to play at this great Louisville institution.

On May 22 the LMO will perform at the Kosair "By the River" Theme Night at the Kosair Temple on South Second Street in downtown Louisville. This will mark the first time the LMO has played for the Shriners. Details to follow in the June Owl...

If you would like more information about the Louisville Mandolin Orchestra, please contact Robin Harris at 6083 or visit our LMO website http://www.iglou.com/dba/LMO/

Circulation clerk Julia Nuss spent Spring Break in New York City visiting a friend and checking out John Jay College of Criminal Justice. She spent her time sightseeing, running and biking. She also hooked up with Marie Outters, one of our student workers from France, at Times Square and together they hit the dance clubs in the Village.

Melissa Long Shuter has recently joined a small entertainment software company, MicroFest, Inc., as their Vice President of Marketing. MicroFest, Inc. is the maker of the Pool-Side suite of sports entertainment software. Their latest program, (just in time for Derby) is Backyard Bookie, a personal pari-mutuel tote board simulator. Their other product is Tourney Tracker, the best way to manage your office or neighborhood pool for ANY standard single-elimination tournament! Check out MicroFest's web site at http://www.microfest.com and download a free trial of the software.

Music Library
Meredith Dooley, of the Music Library's Technical Services Department, is the new campus advisor for Common Ground, UofL's Union for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered and Intersexual Students and Their Allies. Her appointment begins May 1.

Listening Area student assistant Andrea Vela was guest conductor for the April 5 concert of the Jewish Community Center Orchestra and will also conduct J.C.C.O.'s May 17 concert.

Andrea will graduate in May with an undergraduate degree from the School of Music, where she has studied orchestral conducting and violin.

In the fall, Andrea, who is from Quito, Ecuador, will begin work on a master's degree in conducting with Harold Fabermann at the Hyatt School of Music at University of Hartford. Although we'll be sorry to see her leave, we certainly wish Andrea the best as she pursues her studies.

University Archives and Records Center
Bill Morison spent a long March weekend in Washington, D.C., visiting art museums with his wife, Ellen. One afternoon, while her back was turned, he fled the East Gallery for the Star Warsexhibit at the National Air and Space Museum across the Mall. When he returned, he found Ellen still standing transfixed in front of a canvas of vertical bars in several colors.

On March 31, Kathie Johnson had the privilege of working with a National History Day competition team from Iroquois Middle School. These four students, under the supervision of teacher Deana Kent, had prepared a skit on "Bloody Monday," the anti-immigrant riots in Louisville in 1848, which had already won the regional competition. In preparation for the state competition, these students asked Kathie to go over their script with them and make suggestions. (These same students won the state competition last year and placed in the top 20 nationally, so their goal was to place in the top 10 this year.)

Kathie was awed by these middle-schoolers who had accumulated over forty sources in their research, had written a tight script which had to conform to very concise time restraints, and were able to answer every question that she asked. And Kathie reports, she was thoroughly impressed with the relationship of mutual respect which they had with Ms. Kent.

If you get an opportunity to work with students in the school system on such projects, Kathie assures you that it is time well spent.

Kathie also went to Washington, D.C. on April 2, for a visit to the Holocaust Museum, with the Holocaust class from Atherton High School. The tour was led by survivor Ernie Marx, who had previously visited the class and told of his experiences as a child living under Nazi rule, in Dachau Concentration Camp, and in the post-war years. It was a great learning experience, and Kathie agreed with her daughter Cass that they would have liked to have stayed longer. Mr. Marx has led 20 such tours in the past two years, and is contributing his time and painful memories educating young people to make sure that such a thing "never happens again."

During April Mary Margaret Bell represented the SAALCK Kentuckiana working group in two meetings concerning the Virtual Commonwealth Library project in Frankfort.