Connecting to Minerva 2000

Michael Purcell, Libraries Technology Office

There are a number of ways to connect to Voyager, and for everyone that could get to either PROFS or to Minerva (NOTIS) there is a way to get to the new Minerva 2000.

For dumb terminals that connect to ulkyvm (opening login menu has choices that include PROFS and Minerva): Logon to PROFS as normal. Enter "charlotte" to start the charlotte browser. Press F5 to go to a URL. Enter the URL for Minerva 2000 ( The Charlotte browser is text-based and similar to Lynx.

For PCs with ISN Connections: Connect to PROFS and use Charlotte to get to the Voyager web page. With ISN connections, this can be done with MS-Kermit. This is all freeware and available from IT.

Alternatively, if someone has a Homer or Athena account, there is a browser called Lynx that can be run from any UofL Unix machine. Telnet to Homer ( or Athena ( and login. From the prompt, enter "lynx" and the browser will start. Lynx is a more advanced and standard text browser than Charlotte, and it should be preferred in all instances.

Lynx keystroke help:

Lynx Help Files:

For PCs with modems: (1) Dial in to the terminal server, connect to Athena, Homer, or Ulkyvm and connect to Voyager as above, or (2) Dial in to the ULNet/PPP server and use Netscape or any other Windows graphical browser.

For PCs running DOS with Ethernet connections: If using CUTCP freeware, telnet to Athena or Homer and connect as above. Use tn3270 to connect to and connect as above. Alternatively, there is a DOS Lynx browser that is freeware.

For PCs running Windows w/ Ethernet Connections: Use any graphical web browser such as Netscape or Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Other Solutions: PCs that do not run Windows and have small amounts of memory could use DR DOS 7.0, an alternative version of DOS that comes with network support and a graphical web browser. There is an Ethernet version and a modem version.

Remember that PROFS is ending next summer. ISN connections will be gone around the same time. Controller-based connections and dumb terminals are going to be gone. In about one year, Ethernet connections will be the normal communications method on campus and modem/ULNet/PPP will be the normal communications method from off campus.