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Art Library
The Art Library and Art Department are looking forward to the visit of two VIPs. Well-known artist Judy Chicago will be coming to campus on March 2 as part of a one credit-hour seminar devoted to her life and work. And this year's Morgan Professor of Architecture is Max Bond, a former Fulbright scholar, former dean of architecture at City College of New York (Now City University of New York) and currently partner at Davis, Brody & Associates. Professor Bond will be giving a number of public lectures.

Art Library student assistant and graduate student Mallica Landrus is in India doing research for her master's thesis in art history. The other students are covering her hours and no doubt will be particularly pleased when she returns!

Ekstrom Library
Content Access
Welcome to Fannie Cox, our new Electronic Resources Librarian who began work with the Libraries on January 4, 1999. Fannie's office is in Ekstrom Library G59 and she is a member of the Content Access team. She will be working closely with Tyler and Lois to develop comprehensive bibliographic control for the many exciting electronic resources now available to UofL patrons. We are glad you are here, Fannie!

Welcome, Noel!
Noel Lyvers has been hired as Library Assistant III, Grade 10, in the Serials component of Content Access effective February 8, 1999. She has been a student assistant in Collection Management and also brings library experience from Western Kentucky University.

Requesting In-Process Items
There is now an online form for requesting titles that are in-process for the Ekstrom, Art, or Kersey libraries. You can get to it from the Libraries' Home Page by clicking on "Online Request Forms," or you can go directly to the form:

The request will be sent via email to Alice Abbott-Moore, who will track down the title and notify the requestor.

Jodi Sees the Pope
Jodi was very fortunate to be able to see his holiness Pope John Paul II on his recent visit to St. Louis. The event was the largest indoor mass ever held in the United States with approximately 110,000 people attending. The Pope celebrated the mass from an altar graced by a 45-foot model of the Gateway arch and a wooden cross hanging from the rafters. Jodi said it was well worth getting up at 3:00 a.m. to catch a bus to the TWA dome and stand in line for several hours to get in, and afterwards waiting among a sea of people to catch the bus back. It was a very emotional and spiritual experience for her to be able to celebrate Mass with the Pope and to see how so many people came to listen to his message of peace. Click here to see some pictures of her trip.

Distance Learning Library Services
More Overseas Support Added
During the past few weeks, Distance Learning Library Services has added several new overseas programs:

For more information, see the DLLS web page:

Media and Current Periodicals
New Students
We welcome our new student assistants, who have already made a big difference for us this term. We were rather shorthanded and have been glad that they are both fast learners! Rebecca Free is a freshman from Maysville. Farah Ahmed is in the MBA program and is from Pakistan.

Diversity Videos Preview In order to improve the quality of our Diversity Video Collection, we are sponsoring Preview Days for interested faculty and staff to give us their impressions of various videos. The first one showed a total of 34 videos on January 25 and 26. The videos are also available for people to borrow and watch at home. Another session is planned for later this term.

Office of the University Librarian
Student Assistant Training
Customer service training sessions for new student assistants will be held in the Ekstrom Staff Lounge on February 11 from 3-5pm, February 13 from 1-3pm, February 15 from 6-8pm, and February 18 from 1-3pm. Any student who did not attend a session last fall is also welcome. Attendance is mandatory and students will be paid at their regular wage for the two-hour session. Refreshments will be provided. Supervisors, please inform Debbie Hawley about your students' preferred sessions.

Upcoming Teleconferences
The University Libraries will be hosting three excellent videoconferences in February and March, all in the Ekstrom Library CLC. RSVP to Debbie Hawley.

"Periodical Database Teleconference: A National Forum"
Friday, February 26, 1999, 12noon-2:00 pm
Produced by The College of DuPage. Representatives from OCLC, the Gale Group, H.W. Wilson and UMI will speak. Nancy London, Director, U.S. Sales Division, will speak for OCLC. There will be discussion by a panel of working librarians. Speakers will discuss search engines, areas of coverage, costs, title selection, connections to other software, archival issues, and full-text/image options.

"De-Mystifying the Licensing of Electronic Resources"
Thursday, March 4, 1999, 1:00-4:00 pm
Sponsored by the Association of Research Libraries and the Special Libraries Association, this is an excellent opportunity to learn the basics of licensing. The videoconference will cover the basic elements of a license agreement, the legal foundations of a license (including copyright and other relevant areas of the law), and user access and legal terms. It includes a live satellite broadcast, pre- and post-broadcast workshops, informative group discussion, and supplementary materials before and after the program. Participants will have the opportunity to review a mock license. Panelists: Molly Sherden, Partner, Peabody & Arnold, Boston; Pamela Clark, Vice-President, American International Group; Trisha Davis, Head, Serials & Electronic Resources Department, Ohio State University Libraries.

"Disaster Planning"
Friday, March 12, 1999, 12noon-1:45 pm
Produced by the College of DuPage as part of the "Soaring to Excellence" series. Presented by Michael McColgin. What would you do if water started leaking from the ceiling? Where should you go if severe weather strikes? Do you have a backup for your computers? What do you do with wet books to prevent them from molding? Do you have a list of companies and services that can help you after a disaster? Leave this teleconference with the beginnings of a disaster-planning manual. Learn what's available on the Internet to help you handle this important task.

New Exit Interview Form for Student Assistants
We recently developed a "Separation Questionnaire for Student Assistants." This exit interview form gives departing students an opportunity, anonymously if they wish, to comment about their overall experience working in the libraries, their supervision, level of satisfaction, reasons for leaving, etc. We hope to gain insights that might be helpful in improving our overall environment as a major campus employer. All student assistant supervisors have a supply of the forms as well as convenient postage-paid envelopes. Everyone's cooperation in this effort is very much appreciated.

Report Your Professional Development Activities Don't forget to give yourself credit for your training and professional development activities by routinely filling out the website form: Some folks do this right after they attend something, others do it on a monthly basis, and there may be some who never report their activities. It's important for us to be able to track and report how many hours our personnel spend in training and development activities, so whatever works best for you, try to get into the habit. We can easily provide a summary printout for any individual ... it could prove useful at evaluation time.

Resources for Library Support Staff Libsup-L To subscribe: to: Leave the subject line blank. In the body type: Subscribe LIPSUP-L, your first name, your last name.

website: Library Support Staff Resource Center

We would like to extend a warm welcome (and sigh of relief) to Mark Ford who has joined us as a reference librarian with business specialty. As a bonus he also brings a background in history, which we have been lacking. We are very happy to have him with us.

Phil Sager and Anna Marie Johnson recently found out that the article they submitted to the library instruction journal Research Strategies was accepted. The article is entitled "Too Many Students, Too Little Time: Creating and Implementing a Self-Paced, Interactive Computer Tutorial for the Libraries Online Catalog." While both were very excited, it just reminded Anna Marie that she had best get started on a new tutorial for the NEW online catalog!

The Reference area and Information Desk would like to welcome our new students this semester. They are Kristin Drown, Modupe Fasunon, Allison Leffler, and Deepthi Karanam.

Special Collections
Hail to the Chief
Bill Carner was elected president of the Southern Indiana Draft Horse & Mule Association at the group's annual holiday dinner in December. Bill says this proves the old adage,"Those who can, do. Those who can't are elected to office." Or else they write about it: Bill continues to publish articles in Rural Heritage Magazine. The current issue features his articles “Cornell Draft Horse Short Course” and “What is a Futurity?” He's also working on two more articles. One will deal with making hay with horses and the other with horse drawn-mowing machines. Bill says, "If I ever get these articles written I'll have to try some of this horse-powered farming stuff."

Special Collections student assistant, Marina Bondar, has accepted a position with Humana. After her training she will be a computer programmer working on Humana's mainframe. We will miss her and wish her all the best.

Kersey Library
CAS Signature Library
Kersey Library is very proud to have been recognized as a "CAS Signature Library" by Chemical Abstract Service (CAS) for maintaining our full subscription to Chemical Abstracts from the first year of publication to the present. Pictures of our library/personnel will appear on the CAS Signature Library Web page. A beautiful plaque has been sent to Kersey Library in recognition of this honor. We hope to have a dedication when the plaque is hung. More news will follow on this.

ALA Carol Brinkman attended the American Library Association Midwinter Meeting in Philadelphia from January 30 to February 2.

New Student Please join us in welcoming two new students at Kersey Library. Ravi Chandka Surapaneni and Sricharan Vangapalli. Both Ravi and Sri are from India and are Engineering majors. They are both welcome and hard-working additions to our Circulation Desk.

New Arrival Marcia Kotlinski is proud to announce the birth of another grandchild. Her daughter Christine has given birth to another son. This will be the third child for Marcia's daughter and her husband and the fifth grandchild for Marcia and her husband who are very proud grandparents!!!

Kornhauser Library
Crystal Humphrey completed her academic requirements for a B.A. in Psychology in December. Hurrah!

Law Library

Melissa Long Shuter and her husband, Paul, enjoyed traveling to Detroit for the Motor City Bowl Game. Missy and Paul took their own Santa hats thinking they were being novel. Imagine their surprise when they walked in to a pep rally of 5,000 people wearing Motor City Bowl red and white Santa hats!

Diversity Activities on Campus
Robin Harris is co-chairing the law school's Diversity Committee this year. The first program of the semester, "The Politics of Social Action: Fairness Amendment IV," took place on Monday, February 1, and featured five speakers who have been quite involved with local efforts to end discrimination based on sexual orientation: Alicia Pedreira (the Louisville woman who was fired in November, 1998, solely because of her sexual orientation) and her partner, Nance Goodman ; Mattie Jones, longtime civil rights activist; Maureen Keenan, Chair of CFAIR, the political action committee of the Fairness Campaign; Denise Bentley, 9th Ward Alderman. The five spoke about the historical, political, legal and personal aspects of "the fairness issue."

The next Diversity Committee program is scheduled for Monday, March 1, at 12:45pm in the Cox Lounge of the Brandeis School of Law. The subject will be immigration. If you are interested in finding out more about the committee's programs, please contact Robin at or 852-6083.

Email and the Law Library
The people in the Law Library still are not receiving many emails that are meant to include them. When LIBS - ALL messages are forwarded to someone at the Law Library, there is a “lawlib” that is included in the original message. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work. Everyone in the Law Library uses Athena rather than GroupWise and most use Eudora Lite. This means that (1) A nickname for the Law Library (such as our Libs - whatever) will not be added to the GroupWise address book and (2) The only way to send an attachment to an Athena user, is to use your Athena account. (However, Eudora Pro can receive attachments from GroupWise.) So remember, if you want to send a note to everyone working in the Libraries (including Law) you must include in the “to:” line.

Music Library
With this issue of the Owl, we say a fond farewell to Meredith Dooley. We wish her the best as she pursues other interests. And we wish her the greatest of success as a member of the musical duo Kathleen's Dream.

University Archives & Records Center
Bill Morison, his son Scot, and Bill’s brother Mark spent part of the holidays with their favorite football teams. They drove to Detroit to see UofL play in the Motor City Bowl, and Bill and Mark spent a week visiting their mother in Arizona, also taking in Tennessee's big win in the Fiesta Bowl.

Team News
New Selection Subteams Formed
by Dave Meyer

A Serials Subteam, headed by Glenda Neely, has been established to take over the work of the former Serials Subcommittee of the Collection Coordination Committee. Other members of the group are Carol Brinkman, Tyler Goldberg, David Horvath, Dave Meyer, Eric Neagle, and Barbara Whitener. The group has drafted procedures for notification of faculty and departments regarding the status of individual serial title requests; the group has also set up procedures for review of such requests. Factors to be considered in the approval of title requests include relevance to the curricula, indexing available, alternative options for document delivery (e.g., direct or mediated electronic full-text access via the Web), and cost. The group also hopes to share information with the Library Liaisons in an attempt to educate faculty about the factors taken into consideration when accepting or denying a particular request.

A Collection Profile Subteam has been created to draft an overall collection profile which will be available on the Web. Headed by Judith Niles, the group includes Andy Anderson, Carol Brinkman, Delinda Buie, Dave Meyer, and Neal Nixon. Templates for areas of the curricula have been drafted and will be passed on to the corresponding Library Liaisons for their assistance in completing the individual profiles. Subject profiles will include (either directly or by links to other Web pages) such information as programs, degrees offered, collection guidelines, classifications and subject areas, target levels (i.e., research, graduate, or undergraduate), titles and volumes held, current journal subscriptions, electronic support, expenditures for a 5-year period, and resource sharing available. Once completed and mounted on the Web, the profiles will be updated periodically to provide an accurate picture of the Libraries' holdings and of our support of the University curricula. The success of this ambitious project will depend on the efforts of many in the Libraries.

Voyager Website Launched for Information Sharing
by Anna Marie Johnson

Now that we have almost four months of experience using Voyager, many of us are finding undocumented short cuts, benefits, quirks, and even some problems with the new system. What we haven't had, until recently, is a forum to share this information. Thanks to Mike Purcell, we now have a website on the Libraries’ intranet where we will be sharing Voyager information. The pages can be found under the listing for the Technology Team (

If we all check this site regularly, we will find updated problem reports—hopefully with fixes or work-arounds. It will also be especially useful when people are using a module unfamiliar to them. For example, many quirks with the web OPAC are currently being shared haphazardly by word of mouth. Many people might not realize that clicking on a call number in an OPAC record does not always work correctly. Having this information on the Voyager support website allows everyone to be aware of this problem and to provide more accurate information to our users. Better information sharing produces better customer service. We do, however, need feedback and suggestions about what exactly would be helpful to see on this website. If you have a suggestion, please pass it along to a member of the Voyager Implementation Team or someone in your work area connected to the implementation. For questions or more information on this new initiative, please contact me at 852-8738 or