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Ekstrom Library

Office of the University Librarian

Training for Student Assistants
Patron Service training for all student assistants will be offered again this fall on the following dates and times in the Ekstrom Staff Lounge:

Thursday, September 16, 5-7pm
Tuesday, September 21, 3-5pm
Wednesday, October 6, 11-1pm
Saturday, October16, 1-3pm

These classes are designed as an orientation to providing excellent patron service and are required for all our student assistants. Attendance will be paid at the student's regular rate, and refreshments will be provided. The trainers are Alice Abbott-Moore, Shaun Daniels, Debbie Hawley, and Rebecca Maddox. Students, please RSVP to your supervisor as to which date you plan to attend. We look forward to getting to know you at some lively, interactive sessions!!

New Hires
James Adler has been hired as Library Technician, Grade 209, at Kornhauser Library effective August 2, 1999.

Bettie Baker has been hired as Library Associate, Grade 125, in Ekstrom Circulation/ILL effective August 30, 1999. She recently moved here from California, where she gained 20 years of broad public library experience.

Denyse Anger has been hired as Library Assistant, Grade 211, at Kornhauser Health Sciences Library effective September 13, 1999. She also comes from California and has approximately 10 years of library experience.

Shaun Daniels has been promoted from Library Technician to Library Specialist, Grade 213, in Ekstrom Circulation/ILL effective August 17, 1999.

Lula Ealy, Clerical Specialist III in Ekstrom Shipping & Receiving, has announced her retirement after 20 years with the University Libraries. Her last day of work will be Friday, October 8, 1999.

Lisa Russell, Assistant Professor (term) in Government Publications, has announced her resignation effective September 10, 1999, having accepted a position at the University of Maryland.

Mark Paul has been selected in a national search to fill the Electronic Reference Services Coordinator position in the Reference area of Ekstrom Library. He will transfer from Kersey Library on September 1, 1999 at his current rank of Assistant Professor.

Mildred is sending the second of her two daughters off to college. Sara will be starting at Indiana University on August 30.

Anna Marie and her husband Bret celebrated their second anniversary with a trip to Cincinnati's new aquarium (actually in Newport, Kentucky) and the Cincinnati Art Museum. They recommend the aquarium highly, but it is very crowded so get there early. It's worth it though to be able to see fish glowing in the dark and to watch sharks swim OVER you!

The Reference Department bids a very fond farewell to Karl Schmidt. Karl became one of our best students in a very short period of time. He graduated this summer with his bachelor's in math. Good luck, Karl!

We would also like to welcome our new students for the Reference area and the information desk. They are Whitley Addams, Angela Garcia, David Golightly, Maryam Mirriahi, Harsha Shinde and Curtis Tate.

Special Collections
Perpetual Student
Susan Knoer begins course work toward a Masters in Library Science. She is taking advantage of FREE TUITION (which Susan, the child prodigy wishes she had 30 years ago) and the new cooperative degree program between UofL and UK.

We bid farewell to Deirdre Skaggs and Robin Wallace. They have both worked as student assistants in Special Collections for five years. Deirdre will be leaving UofL to pursue a Masters in Fine Arts degree from Ohio State University. Robin is completing her MFA this semester and will be working at the Filson Club.

Welcome Student Assistants
Anne Noe is returning to UofL and Special Collections to continue her studies in Art History. Allison Cuyjet is new to Special Collections. She is a junior studying anthropology.

Visiting Library Science Graduate Student
Emily Finley is a Library Science graduate student from UK. She will be working 140 hours as part of her professional field experience credit.

Kersey Library
Fall Semester
With the beginning of the Fall Semester Kersey is proud to announce the new incoming student assistants for our library: Heiman Ng and Dung Nguyen who are EMCS majors; Jagannath Kanumuri who is an Industrial Engineering major; and, Hong Phuoc Tran, who is Mechanical Engineering major. Kersey Library is very pleased to have them working for us. Wareerat Thangnamosodsikul, Tippawan Santiwipanont, Wanna Prechatavanit and Sakrai Khaisaeng are leaving us. With a fond farewell we wish them the best. They have been wonderful student assistants and friends of our library.

New Orleans
Jan Kulkarni is attending the American Chemical Society Conference held in New Orleans. Wonderful place to tour......wonderful place to dine!!

"The Fair People"
Hope everyone enjoyed themselves at this year's Kentucky State Fair! Pat Waters, Jan Kulkarni, and Michael Weinert were representatives from Kersey Library for the University Libraries booth at the fair. There were a lot of comments about the great weather for the State Fair this year but the need for rain was more important!

Mark Paul
With mixed emotions Kersey Library says goodbye to Mark Paul. As everyone knows, Mark has accepted a position at Ekstrom Library. Mark has been with us for four years. We're going to miss his happy smiles and great stories, as well as the wonderful job he has done here at Kersey. We are very happy for him and wish him the best in all his endeavors. Thanks, Mark, for being a part of Kersey. We'll miss you!

Library Employee of the Year
The first "Employee of the Year" award was presented to our own Mark Paul!! We at Kersey just wanted to express our feelings on this recognition for Mark. He truly deserves it!!

Kornhauser Library
Match the employee with the vacation destination!!
1. Michel A. Milwaukee
2. Joan B. Florida
3. Maura C. Belgium
4. Felix D. South Africa
5. Judy E. Chicago
6. Betsy F. Niagra Falls
7. Karen G. Washington, D.C.
(Answers below.)

Welcome to James Adler, Library Technician. Welcome to the new and returning students at PAS: Rhys Roark, Abigail Ferguson, Eric, Stephanie, Vasith, and Zhuwei.

Mary K's son Chris recently suffered a broken leg at a baseball game. He will be in a cast for three months.

Betsy Baumeister took a "real" vacation (i.e. without her violin) to Washington DC in late July to visit her brother and play tourist. Highlights included the Holocaust Museum, Library of Congress, Mt. Vernon, and a boat tour in Annapolis. A visit to Arlington Cemetery was both timely and memorable, with many memorials at the JFK grave site due to John Jr.'s death a week earlier.

Answers: 1 (D), 2 (F), 3 (B), 4 (E), 5 (C), 6 (G), 7 (A)

Law Library
Bye Bye, Jules ...
Julia Nuss resigned from the Law Library on August 9. Her last day was August 20. Julia is now working for Tamara Cotton, a personal injury attorney. All of the folks at the Law Library thank Julia for her eight years of service and wish her the best in her new position.

Louisville Mandolin Orchestra Notes
The Louisville Mandolin Orchestra will perform outdoors at the Ursuline Art Fair on Saturday, September 18, at 2pm. The program will last about an hour. The fair takes place on the Ursuline Campus on Lexington Road and is one of the most popular of all the fall art shows.

Orchestra members will be working the phones during the Public Radio Partnership Fall Membership Drive (September 10-18). Please help support the country's best public radio!

University Archives & Records Center
Discovering Louisville's Beginnings, Tom Owen's videotaped walking tour of Historic West Main Street, will be available late this year. Tom has been scouring UofL's photo collections for vintage images for the production.

Tom Owen joined several hundred volunteers on a Saturday morning construction gang to build playgrounds for rehabilitated City View Park, formerly Village West.

In addition to numerous off-campus public presentations, Tom conducted a historic Walking Tour for UofL's Urban Politics class and spoke on Louisville and University History at an all-day retreat for UofL's Alumni and Development office.

Bill Morison was recently appointed to the city's Millennium Commission by Mayor Dave Armstrong, and also to one of its subcommittees, the Millennium Historic Preservation Committee.

Mary Margaret Bell vacationed with her family on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, in July. It was hot there (but not as hot as it was here). There were daily opportunities for gator watching in the lagoon behind her condo. She also enjoyed cycling and the beach.