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The University of Louisville Libraries' Book Sale:
A Heartfelt Thanks

The University of Louisville Libraries' Book Sale was November 12 through November 14, 1999. There were an estimated 20,000 books and records for sale in Bigelow Hall. The sale was a great success, raising over $16,000.00! This success is due to all of the people who planned the sale, donated warehouse space and donation bins, picked up donations, sorted donations, fielded phone calls from donors, designed and printed banners and signage, set up tables and signage, moved books from the warehouse to Bige low Hall, donated food, sold and bagged/boxed items at the sale, and cleaned up. True, the following list looks like the cast roster from a Cecil B. DeMille production, but it also shows that so many people were needed for such a colossal event. Each of th ese folks gave their precious time and brought wonderful energy to the Book Sale. I have heard countless compliments about these folks’ work. In a nutshell, the Book Sale could not have happened without them!

James Adler
Allen Ashman
Tracy Barnett
Betsy Baumeister
Mary Margaret Bell
Denaudra Blair
Teresa Bowden
Dhiane Bradley
Ginger Brown
Delinda Buie
Ken Burton
Carol Butler
Scott Campbell
Bill Carner
Phylis Clark
Beverly Coleman
Helen Grace Correll
Fannie Cox
Shirley Demos
Nicole DeVaughn
Jodi Duce
Robin Edmond-Durham
Mildred Franks
Gary Freiburger
Natalie Freiburger
Mitzi Friedlander
Candalyn Fryrear
Felix Garza
Gail Gilbert *
John Gilmore
Matt Goldberg
Tyler Goldberg
Karen Gray
Ray Gregory
Karen Habeeb
Carol Lucchesi Hardy
Deborah Hawley
Mark Heil
Rachel Hodge
Terri Holtz
David Horvath
Albert Jenkins
Michael Johmann *
Anna Marie Johnson
Kathie Johnson
Ben King
Prasad Kulkarni
Dave Loeffler
Michelle Lowe
Weiling Liu
Adam Luken
Noel Lyvers
Carol McNeely
Rebecca Maddox
Erea Marshall
Paula Mattingly
Margaret Merrick
Adam Metzger
Dave Meyer
Kathy Moore
Alberto Moreno
Glenda Neely
Diane Nichols
Judith Niles
Don Noll
Larry Owsley
Mark Paul
Mitchell Payne
Butch Pendleton
Christine Price
Amy Purcell
Hannelore Rader *
Angela Richie
Rhys Roark
Numeriano Rodenas
Jessie Roth
Ellie Sachs
Erik Schaber
Lois Severt
Linda Shapiro
Melissa Long Shuter
Harriette Seiler
John Simmons
Coach John L. Smith
Leonard Smith
Margo Smith
Robert Taylor
The University of Louisville
Football Team
Vicki Veigl
Barbara Whitener
Steve Whiteside
Amos Wilkins
Elaine Wise *
Sharon Wright
Judy Wulff
Richard Young

I am truly grateful to all of these folks.

My gratitude,
Alice Abbott-Moore *

* Book Sale Planning Group