From the University Librarianimage

February has been a busy month with evaluations, goal setting and related meetings. We are beginning to assess the accomplishments and outcomes of our 1998-2000 strategic plan while we are starting to work on the next biennial strategic plan for 2000-2002.

The first assessment survey from freshmen has been received from Dey Systems. The Assessment Team is working on summarizing the results for us.

I am beginning to meet with each Dean and various chairs and liaisons to promote and use the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) Information Literacy Standards mentioned last month. The Information Literacy and liaison teams are already working on integrating some of these standards into curricula.

We hope to have an ATM installed in Ekstrom Library within a month.

Renovation of Ekstrom Library will begin in the spring to move Special Services to the first floor, to move the African American Collection to a more visible location and to accommodate the Center for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning (faculty development) on the second floor.

The Metroversity Library Council now has how a web site to provide links and access to all online catalogs of member libraries. A demonstration of online library services for the Metroversity Academic Council will be held June 1 in Ekstrom Library.

The Libraries will be exploring the netLibrary and begin to experiment with it this summer. ( "netLibrary offers the world's largest library of eBooks. Our "electronic books" give you the power to read and research. From anywhere. At any time of day. You can read eBooks online. Search through them instantly. Even borrow them.")

The Music Library Association held their meeting in Louisville from February 23-26. Karen Little was chair of the local arrangements committee. About 500 members attended and had a very successful meeting.

--Hannelore Rader, University Librarian