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You might think of other food as ideal or the perfect food, but few consumptive items capture the palate and the imagination like SPAM. SPAM has been the subject of much conversation, many debates and much humor. Most everyone can recollect a time when SPAM entered into his/her life.

But regardless of the ridicule and snickering, SPAM has endured…lasted… persevered. It has survived the taunts and the jeers and remains one of our most popular foods. How many other food items have so many web sites devoted to their glory? How many other foods have been showcased in our culture by way of art, radio, television, and song?

SPAM made its way into our lives during 1937. It was during that year that SPAM was created. It was originally called Hormel Spiced Ham. Hormel held a contest to find a name that appropriately described the new product. The winner of the contest took the "sp" from "spiced" and the "am" from "ham." The top prize for the contest was $100.00.

During the 1940s when the United States marched off to WWII, so did SPAM. During the war, Russian soldiers ate SPAM, according to Nikita Krushchev's book Krushchev Remembers.

Few food items have enjoyed the notoriety of SPAM, the perfect food. Think about the can…it is the exactly right size for convenience and food portion. And it is just the right size for chucking across open spaces. Also, the can is a pretty shade of blue. Either shade of blue, the dark and for regular and the light blue for lite SPAM, are both calming and cooling.

What about the sound of SPAM emerging from the can…Is there another sound that is so recognizable and unique? No, the sound is definitely its own.

The texture of SPAM is for one to feel, to sense, to enjoy.

The taste…well, let's just say that it has its own distinct flavor.

Snicker about SPAM if you will, but deep down, this world would be a far different place without it. Sometimes we just need to lube our chassis and eat some SPAM.

Some Deep Thoughts about SPAM by Jack Handy:

"I bet one legend that keeps recurring throughout history, in every culture, is the story of SPAM."

"If you ever drop your SPAM into a river of molten lava, let it go, because, man, it's gone."

"I think man invented SPAM by instinct."

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