image Dare To Say Thank You!

Marci Dorris, Lisa Fierro, and Elizabeth Johnson
I would like to thank Marci Dorris, Lisa Fierro, and Elizabeth Johnson for packing up tremendous amounts of withdrawn books to be given to the upcoming Book Sale.

These three young ladies cheerfully and willingly approached the huge task while they were on duty to cover the Content Access LL35 service point and phone.

We are very fortunate to have such fine people assisting our patrons and our other employees.
My gratitude, Alice Abbott-Moore

Trish Blair
You may have noticed the Media & Current Periodicals Staff leaving the back workroom/office with smiles on their faces tinged with chocolate. Perhaps you noticed that our students also seem relatively happy and well fed. They are. That's because we have our very own Julia Child/Emeril Lagasse in the person of Trish Blair. Trish loves to bake and what's even better is that she's a wonderful chef who delights in sharing her gourmet creations. We are the happy recipients of her luscious cakes, pies, cookies and brownies. And she doesn't skimp on the butter. Just the other day, for instance, Trish arrived with a chocolate cake shaped like a pumpkin complete with orange frosting. It was so beautiful, we almost didn't want to cut it, but we forced ourselves! Another favorite is Trish's apple pie; Loretta Lynn-style crust with at least four kinds of apples and pears sliced thin. It is certainly the best apple pie we've ever had. Each of us has our favorites but everything is the same outstanding quality: cakes, pies and cheesecakes. These treats are remarkable for our morale but have also produced the side benefit of keeping us extra pleasant for patrons. So if you're in the area and smell butter and/or chocolate, just "happen by" for a taste.
Eric Neagle, Carol McNeely, David Horvath

Rebecca Maddox
Thank you to Rebecca Maddox for all her help with the recent Assessment & Resource Planning employee satisfaction survey result document. She did a fantastic job in a short time on something that was totally outside her regular responsibilities. I really appreciate it!
Melissa Laning


Have you said thank you lately to someone within the libraries for a job well done? We need to let people know that we are talking about the day-to-day, helpful things that people do, not just big projects. Help us help you recognize the person's wonderful work by letting us know. "Dare to say Thank You" sponsored by the Libraries' Prize Patrol will appear monthly in The Owl. We will include everything that there is space for and if there isn't space, we will feature such items in the next issue.

Anyone can nominate a colleague, supervisor, or anyone else who has been discovered doing something well.

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