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Art Library
It Took a Village
OK, it didn't take a village, but it did take a team. Most of the 6600 Dewey books in the Art Library now wear the LC label thanks to the work of many people in Content Access. Very special thanks go to Allen Ashman who has been steadily working on the problem books throughout this process. Thanks also go to Michael Osoffsky who has recently joined in that effort, Ruth Holman, who got the process started, and student assistants Anna Stamp and Rebekah Freedman who helped out a couple of days each week. Last, but definitely not least, kudos to Kathy Moore who has worked on reclassifying these books every day since June and will continue to work with Allen finishing the problem books.

Ekstrom Library
Office of the University Librarian
New Hires
Beth Mattingly-Denham has been hired as Director of Development for the Libraries, Grade 130, effective November 20, 2000. Reporting to the Associate Vice President for Development and Alumni and splitting her time between Development and the Libraries, she will develop and implement a comprehensive program of donor relations activities for the Libraries and organize and implement fund raising activities in support of the Libraries' development program. Most recently Ms. Mattingly-Denham has served as Associate Director of Stewardship & Development for the Archdiocese of Louisville. In addition to her office in Development, she will have a workstation in the Office of the University Librarian, 203 Ekstrom, extension 7382.

Amy Whitmer has accepted a part-time, temporary position at Kornhauser Library as Lecturer/Technical Services Librarian effective December 6, 2000.

Rae Helton has announced her resignation from the University as Associate Professor (term) and Director of Information Literacy effective December 31, 2000.

Cece Railey has announced her resignation from the University as Lecturer and Library Intern in the Reference Department effective December 31, 2000.

Anna Marie Johnson has accepted a reassignment to the position of Information Literacy Team Leader and transfer to the Office of Information Literacy effective January 1, 2001.

Mildred Franks' daughter, Hallie, has been elected into Phi Beta Kappa. Hallie is a senior at Boston University.

Terri Holtze has a new puppy! He's a black Labrador mix named Dexter.

Anna Marie Johnson is to be moving into a new role, Team Leader of Information Literacy.

Glenda Neely was elected Treasurer of the Southeastern Library Association for the next biennium (2000-2002).

Chris Ryan has been serving as an intern in the Reference Department. Most of her projects were centered on library instruction and updating the business section of the Research Center. She will be graduating from the UK School of Library and Information Science this December. Congratulations Chris!

Mark Paul will be in Los Angeles for the Christmas holiday to visit his sister. While there, he hopes to see Susan Scheiberg ( case anyone wants to send a message along with him).

Cece Railey will be leaving on December 18 for her transcontinental adventure to Holland.

Barbara Whitener is currently working on a statistics project for KYVL. She will be vacationing in Panama City, Florida from December 17 – 23.

Special Collections
Arts Across Kentucky
Andy Anderson, Barbara Crawford and Bill Carner each have an example of their work in the final installment of “From Daguerreotype to Digital.” This was a three-part article in the new journal, Arts Across Kentucky, December 2000 issue.

Kersey Library
Home for the Holidays
Some of us will be going home for the holidays. Heiman Ng, one of our student assistants, will be leaving for Hong Kong. It has been a long time since she has been able to go home for a visit. She is looking forward to this with anticipation and will be bringing back lots of pictures. Wasin Robbanjerd, another one of our student assistants, will be leaving December 10 to go to his home in Thailand. He promises to bring back lots of pictures! Steve Whiteside will be headed home to Indianapolis for the holiday. Jan Kulkarni's son and his family will be leaving for India, December 23 to visit family over the holidays. The rest of us will be here which is home to some of us. But to the rest of the employees who work in our libraries who will not be leaving to go home, especially the international students, we want to make you feel welcome and happy during these holidays. And Kersey is very grateful to the students who will be here for us during the semester break.

December Birthdays
During the month of December Jan Kulkarni, Wasin Robbanjerd, and Terra Rogers will be celebrating their birthdays. A very Happy Birthday to the rest of you from Kersey Library for this very festive month.

Kersey Library would also like to extend Happy Holidays to all of you. See you next year!

Kornhauser Library
Mary K "Lucky Strike" Becker is SuperBowl bound thanks to  Mary K entered a contest for a trip to the SuperBowl, New Orleans, or Utah.  Contestants had to answer trivia questions to qualify for the drawing.   Mary K and her son, Chris, are one pair of only three groups on their way to Tampa, with two others going to New Orleans and two going to Utah.  Hat's off to Lucky Strike Becker!

Music Library
Don Dean is going to the Liberty Bowl on December 29 to watch the Fighting Cardinals football team.

In October Bill Morison enjoyed reminiscing in Tennessee with former classmates at his college reunion (Milligan College, class of 1965), but he came away with two regrets.  He and his doubles partner lost in the first round of the alumni tennis tournament, and he left convinced he was the baldest and oldest-looking of the bunch.