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Assessment Team
The February Assessment Team meeting was devoted in part to team development. David Horvath presented information on the topic of multiple intelligences and how they relate to our work in the libraries. Multiple intelligence refers to the idea that everyone learns in different ways. There are seven intelligences identified by naturalist Howard Gardner: linguistic, logical, spatial, musical, kinesthetic, interpersonal, and intrapersonal. By knowing about this, instructors can incorporate different teaching strategies to reach the greatest number of students.

Art Library
Thanks to the extra money provided to the Libraries for increasing our holdings in advance of the ARL review, many exhibition catalogs on various topics, including Dutch painting, women artists, and ancient, Byzantine and Iberian arts, have been added to the Art Library's collection. Exhibition catalogs are important for art libraries to acquire because catalogs, like journals, contain the most recent scholarship.

Gail Gilbert hosted two workshops in the CLC for the Glenview Garden Club. The first session covered an introduction to the Web and basic skills for searching. The second session covered gardening resources on the web, highlighting good educational, organizational and commercial sites. Garden Club members loved the CLC and the fast connections!

Ekstrom Library
Circulation and Interlibrary Loan
Circulating Laptops
Laptop circulation is up and running after a stop-and-go start. We have up to nine laptops to circulate at any given time but so far we've had no more than four out at once. Demand is sure to increase, as more patrons become aware of this new service. There has been a lot of positive feedback at the front desk from patrons about how wonderful it is that we now have this service.

March is Girl Scout Cookie Month
Jeff Drake, our Circulation Supervisor, is a Girl Scout leader and is very active with his wife and two daughters in the organization. March is Girl Scout Cookie Month, as we all know, so he will be even busier than usual in his after work hours. He was not allowed to sell even the first box of cookies until after March first – no matter how much begging was involved, and judging by some staff in our department, that rule was tested strenuously.

We are expecting to get ILLiad by the beginning of summer. This new software will greatly impact every aspect of how we do Interlibrary Loan. We are hoping to utilize this software fully to reduce ILL turnaround times on both the Lending and the Borrowing sides of the process. There will surely be some adjustments to the new procedures but we expect them to be 99% positive. (Co-Editor's note: See for further information.)

Directing Marisol
John Breitzman, our Course Reserve Supervisor, will direct Marisol, a play by José Rivera that won the 1993 Obie Award for Outstanding Play. Marisol received its world premiere at the 1992 Humana Festival of New American Plays at Actors Theater of Louisville. Admission is free and it will show nightly at 8 pm from March 8 thru 11 at the Thrust Theater. There will be a 3 pm matinee on Saturday, March 10.

Bettie Lewis, our Department Head, is back from the first of her knee surgeries – after only being off one week – and has already graduated from crutches to using a cane. She should be skipping around the department in no time if she keeps progressing at this rate. She won't have her second surgery until she is completely recovered from her first that should be in about six weeks.

Office of Libraries Technology
Technology Briefings II - network and application deployments: Libraries' Network

All of the Libraries' PCs (excluding Law Library) will be gradually connected via Microsoft Network and managed by SMS (Systems Management Server). This means that major applications such as MS Office and Voyager can be distributed through the server; staff members can have individual disk space on the server and be backed up periodically, and can print to networked printers (pre-setup required).

Q: If I need MS Office installed on my work PC, can I install it myself?
A: Yes, only if you have received the software on your PC via Advertised Programs.

Q: What is Advertised Programs and how I know if I have it on my PC or not?
A: “Advertised Programs” is the Client Agent for SMS to distribute application software from the server to the end users. Once you are setup to connect to the server, MIDGARD, you will be able to receive software distributed from the server.

Q: When do I receive Advertised Programs and how do I run installation from it?
A: When software is deployed from the server, the user will see a small window showed on the screen. At that moment, you may choose one of the following things to do:

Q: After I cancel off the small window, how do I run the installation?
A: To install an application after canceling at the alerting window, you follow the steps given below:

  1. Click on Start
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Select Control Panel
  4. Double click on Advertised Programs icon
  5. Select the application to be installed by checking the box next to it (be sure you check the right one)

Note: Before you do any installation, make sure you DO NOT have any other applications running. Also, some applications require uninstalling older version of the software. If you are not sure about it, consult with your Technology Team representative.

Office of the University Librarian
Staff Performance Appraisals

Performance appraisals form the basis for determining performance-based salary increases for FY 2001-2002 and must be conducted annually for all P&A and Classified employees who have completed at least six months of service in their current position. Please submit the original plus one photocopy of the completed appraisals (with team leader evaluation attached as appropriate) to Debbie Hawley no later than Friday, March 9, 2001.

Michael Purcell has been promoted to Technology Specialist III, Grade 128, in the Office of Libraries Technology effective February 19, 2001.

Special Collections
Burroughs is Everywhere
If you have flown on United Airlines recently, you probably read about the Burroughs Memorial Collection in the January issue of Hemispheres. In the article entitled “Why People Collect,” George, along with others, discuss collecting. In the March issue of Smithsonian, the article, “Tarzan the Eternal” uses many images from the Burroughs Memorial Collection.

Exhibits Celebrating Women
Special Collections is hosting two exhibits celebrating women. In the Photographic Archives Gallery is an exhibit by Mary Carothers, photography professor in the Fine Arts Department, entitled “Study Station.” If you have seen Mary's work in the past, you know she has a unique installation style. In the Rare Books Gallery, Barbara Crawford is exhibiting samples of her work with nudes and erotic flowers in “Intimate Views.” This year, Barbara is celebrating 30 years of her work as a fine arts photographer.

Kersey Library
New Students
Please join me in welcoming two new students, Hoang-Vu Dinh and Adam Lawrence, to Kersey Library. Both are engineering students. Vu Dinh is a Computer Engineering and Computer Science (CECS) major and Adam Lawrence is an Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) major. Both students are hardworking and we're proud to have them aboard!

Engineering Days 2001
Students, faculty and staff of the Engineering School put on a program every year in February called Engineers' Week. The Speed School Student Council coordinates this with a focus on showcasing the accomplishments of the engineering students. The Kersey Library also participates in this program. On Friday, February 23 and Saturday, February 24 Carol Brinkman and Jan Kulkarni conducted tours of the library. An Exhibit on Futuristic Research Today was planned and researched by Jan Kulkarni, David Tyler and Steve Whiteside. Our student assistants helped prepare and mount the exhibit. The exhibit will remain on display in the Kersey lobby until March 17. Handouts were also prepared on computer engineering, engineering inventions and discoveries websites, and careers in engineering. Rayudu Addagarla, one of our student assistants, made a presentation on Saturday, February 24 on Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) implementation in the Computer Engineering and Computer Science (CECS) Department. These programs on the Engineering Days are open to the rest of the campus, prospective students such as high school students, teachers, companies, and graduates and friends. Engineering Days serves to strengthen past ties and provide an updated vision of the direction of the Speed Scientific School.

Law Library
Wedding Bells
Version 1 (wishful thinking): On January 31, Brandeis School of Law computer services manager Jim Becker married longtime girlfriend Melinda Wolford on the island of Gibraltar. The couple honeymooned in Paris and Montreal, where they held a bed-in for peace.

Version 2 (reality): Brandeis School of Law computer services manager Jim Becker and Melinda Wolford married January 31 in Louisville.

Louisville Mandolin Orchestra Concert
On March 13, the LMO will perform at the Kentucky Center for the Arts in the Bomhard Theatre. Special guest performers include members of the Modern Mandolin Quartet. For ticket information, call the Kentucky Center at 584-777 or visit

Music Library
Helpful Assistants
Ginny Coakley, second-semester chemistry major and native of Rumsey, Kentucky, began working in Technical Services in February. Carolyn thinks she must've accumulated some good karma in a past life to have been gifted with David, Chris, Rod (when she can get him) and, now, Ginny. And just when she needs them!

Don Dean, weekend and nighttime supervisor of the Circulation Area, is proud to announce that the Music Library has new DVD player. They are now receiving and cataloging DVDs.

There is new shelving on the third floor and shifting will soon begin to take advantage of the added space.

Millennium Historic Preservation Awards
Five UofL faculty members were among the recipients of “Millennium Historic Preservation Awards.” These awards are for labor done in the field of historic preservation on behalf of Greater Louisville during 1966-2000. Louisville Mayor David L. Armstrong presented the awards at a luncheon on January 25, 2001. The UofL recipients were Andy Anderson (Photographic Archives), Blaine Hudson (Pan-African Studies), Tracy K'Meyer (History & Oral History Center/University Archives), Bill Morison (University Archives), and Tom Owen (University Archives).

Tom and Phyllis Owen are the new proud grandparents of Isaac Preston Owen, born January 26 to Stephen and Cindy Owen.

Margaret Merrick and her husband Robbie spent a week in Colorado in February. They stayed in Frisco, a small town west of Denver, and enjoyed skiing with friends who were staying in Vail. Margaret and Robbie tried out the slopes and are happy to report they enjoyed good skiing, with some adventures on bowls and a mistaken entry onto, but completion of, a black diamond slope! Margaret believes she is ready for a Warren Miller ski video. Apart from downhill skiing, they also enjoyed some Nordic skiing in Frisco and some sightseeing. Margaret and Robbie traveled to Leadville (the highest town in the U.S.) and also went over Rabbit Ears Pass to Steamboat Springs. While at Steamboat Springs they hiked to the Fish Creek Falls, which was frozen but still beautiful. They took another route back from Steamboat and passed through ranch country with no snow at all - a far cry from the upper range of the mountains. They were lucky enough to see a small herd of elk and some mule deer. Denver is converting the former nuclear facility of Rocky Mountain Flats to a wildlife refuge and a large colony of prairie dogs were out enjoying the sunshine when the Merricks drove by it on the last few hours of their trip.