image Dare To Say Thank You!

All the public PCs (about 150) in Ekstrom, Kersey, Art, Kornhauser and Music have been replaced (except a few that need special attention). We should thank especially Mike, Calvin, Leon and Ren who did the installations and replacements. We should also thank Diego, Ehab, John Burton, Kathy Marsall, Dave Loeffler, Mark Heil and their students, and anyone who helped with shipping, receiving, and other preparations. Without their hard work, this project could not have been done in such a short time!
—Weiling Liu

Thanks to Terri Holtz for her unending and patient work on the new reference department web pages. They will be going up soon and look amazing! She is an html goddess! Thanks to Latisha Reynolds for scheduling ALL the “Modes of Inquiry” (the newest version of Academic Orientation/Campus Culture) sessions. It was a humongous job — well done! Thanks, Latisha!
—Mary Barbosa-Jerez

In the wild and wacky world of payroll à la PeopleSoft, there’s one quiet dynamo at work, and it’s time to take a moment to thank her publicly. Although she’s been in the Office of the University Librarian less than a year, Lisa Arnold has proven herself to be a truly valuable member of our staff. With the perspective of having been a student employee herself, Lisa takes time with our new students and always watches out for their best interests in running interference to resolve payroll problems. Especially over the past few months as we’ve moved to online payroll entry, Lisa’s diligent assistance and problem-solving approach have really meant a lot to me. What’s so great and yet so hard to put into words is her uncanny ability to visualize logical approaches to payroll dilemmas that usually just leave me scratching my head and drinking more Mylanta! It’s really a treat to be able to work with such a bright young professional.
—Deborah Hawley

I’d like to thank John Burton for all the help he has given me with the Blackwell’s approval orders, my computer, and just in general for being such a nice person.
—Tami Sexton

A big thank you to Allen Ashman, Fannie Cox, Tyler Goldberg, Lois Severt, and Margo Smith for their tremendous work assigning call numbers and subject headings to reduce the backlog. I have assisted in maintaining the organization of the backlog for years, and it is exciting and wonderful to see so many of these items being pulled, processed, and sent forth to the collection.
—Alice Abbott-Moore

Have you said thank you lately to someone within the libraries for a job well done? We need to let people know that we are talking about the day-to-day, helpful things that people do, not just big projects. Help us help you recognize the person's wonderful work by letting us know. "Dare to say Thank You" sponsored by the Libraries' Prize Patrol will appear monthly in The Owl. We will include everything that there is space for and if there isn't space, we will feature such items in the next issue.

Anyone can nominate a colleague, supervisor, or anyone else who has been discovered doing something well.

Please send your items to Alice Abbott-Moore (