Here Comes the Cardinal Card!
by Mark Paul, Office of Libraries Technology

By now you certainly have heard of the Cardinal Card. If not, then you soon will. The Cardinal Card is an all-in-one card based on smart card technology that allows for many services at UofL, including those in the libraries. It will be your UofL ID Card, your Library Card and, if your building participates, your facility access card. The smart card chip embedded in the Cardinal Card can track money placed on the card. You can then use that stored value to purchase things such as snack food and drinks from campus vending machines, make photocopies and printouts in the libraries and computer labs, and even buy your coffee at Ritazza.

How do you get your new Cardinal Card? All faculty, staff, and students will be issued their permanent Cardinal Card at a mass-carding event held at both the Health Science Campus and Belknap Campus. Everyone must go during the scheduled times and replace their current ID with a new Cardinal Card. Be sure to take your employee ID number with you (the one you use to view your paycheck stub online) and a photo ID.

There are many issues that came about due to the implementation of the new card. One such issue for the libraries was the date after which we will no longer accept old IDs. The Circulation Cross-Team decided that October 1, 2001 is the cut-off date. After that date, library services will require use of the new card. Other issues that have already been asked, but maybe not all answered, are what about people who are both employees and students? How will visitors get a card? Stay tuned to find out how it will all work out…in the meantime visit the Cardinal Card web site at:

If you have specific questions you can email Mark Paul.