image Dare To Say Thank You!

Thank you to Amy Purcell, who has adapted For Love of Learning, the guide to the special collections and primary resources throughout the University Libraries and Archives, for the world wide web. Amy, who also developed the database behind the original publication, has designed, with the substantial programming assistance of Mike Purcell, an elegant and highly functional web version, added additional images, and worked out procedures which will allow us to revise entries and add new collections.
—Delinda Buie

I thank Erea Marshall and her student assistants for helping me out with a lot of photocopying recently. I also thank Carol Hardy for finding my car key.

—Melissa Laning

We all need to give Kathy Marsall a big thank you for being so patient. She catches the brunt of all my frustrations with malfunctioning equipment, and even helps me discover my “operator error” situations, yet she remains positive and helpful whenever I need to call her about something.
—Betty Lewis

A huge debt of gratitude goes to the student assistants in Media & Current Periodicals! These four gentlemen did a job of epic proportions. They all came through in the clutch for me. I have been understaffed for a big part of the summer and these guys did all the moving, setup, and rearranging of the shelving and cabinets. This project would not have been completed without their help. They are:
Wes Johnson
Joey Yeats
Josh Brannon
Chris Abplanap
I am forever indebted to you guys. If you see these gentlemen out and around, commend them on their fantastic service.
—Sincerely, Dave Loeffler

Special thanks to our splendid volunteer reference librarians who make it possible for the Ekstrom Library Reference personnel to cover the Reference Desk days, nights and weekends. We appreciate you more than you know! Your expertise and cross-training makes us more valuable than we would be on our own. Kudos to: Allen Ashman, Melissa Laning, Margo Smith and Mark Paul.
—Glenda Neely

I would like to thank John Burton and Margo Smith who took over In-Process requests for me while I was away on three weeks of vacation. I really appreciate John’s and Margo’s enthusiasm and help for such a long period of time.

I want to thank Leon Leydershnayder, who replaced my hard drive on June 20. Leon also put all my many critters back where I had them, which was way beyond the call of duty!
—Alice Abbott-Moore

Thank you to Mioshi and Sheila! Shortly after getting on board, you have been working diligently on the computer problems in conjunction with other OLT personnel. In just a few weeks, you have resolved many hardware and software problems. The library staff highly praises your efforts. Great job! Thank you again for your hard work.
—Weiling Liu

Anyone can nominate a colleague, supervisor, or anyone else who has been discovered doing something well.

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