image Dare To Say Thank You!

“I would like to thank Hannelore Rader for being the one person who has made it possible for us to have come to this point of being on the threshold for ARL status.”

“Thank you to Alice Abbott-Moore, Andy Anderson and Delinda Buie for notifying me when the departments and /or Chartwell catering has not cleaned up the area outside the auditorium after an event.”

—Erea Marshall

“Thank you to Lisa Ortega, a fairly new student assistant to Special Collections. In a short amount of time, Lisa has become expert in matting, framing and installing exhibits. Her help on Special Collections’ latest exhibit Rewards of Research, Why We’re Here is greatly appreciated. Also, Ann Collins has gone the extra mile by helping mount all the captions.”
—Barbara Crawford

“My thanks to Miriam Schusler Williams for not only taking the time to show me, but offering her vast, wonderful expertise on strength training. She instructed me during the early part of this past summer and I have incorporated weights into my routine. Thanks to weights, I am getting more solid each week. Miriam really helped me to not only get motivated, but get started. Her willingness to help me (and many others, I might add) and share her knowledge is such a wonderful gift.”
—Alice Abbott-Moore

Anyone can nominate a colleague, supervisor, or anyone else who has been discovered doing something well.

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