image Dare To Say Thank You!

My sincere thanks to Martha Parry, who introduced me to Ekstrom life and graciously fostered the beginning of my library career here at UofL.

Thank you, Mioshi, for patiently coaxing my new PC up to full speed. We are a happy pair now!

Many thanks to Alice, Rebecca, and Company for all their hard work on the Smorgasbord. What a lovely celebration it was!

I am very happy to have accepted the open position in cataloging. I am enjoying my new schedule and the challenge of learning new skills, but most importantly, I am happy to have the opportunity, after a year and a half here at Ekstrom, to become better acquainted with my coworkers. Thanks for making me feel so welcome!
—Karen Hild

Thanks to Amy Purcell for getting us together for the Red Shirt picture.
—Melissa Laning

I’d like to nominate my department head — Bettie Lewis. Bettie has been very supportive of us — her staff — during the last incredibly hectic semester when we had so many problems with staff shortages, new software, new computers, computer and software conflicts and so on. It’s not every day that you get a boss who is so willing to really go to bat for you when you are down. I have no words to express how grateful I personally am for her supportive spirit - without which I doubt I would have made it.
—Katrina Rowe

Anyone can nominate a colleague, supervisor, or anyone else who has been discovered doing something well.

Please send your items to Alice Abbott-Moore (