Librarians & Archivists in the Movies: A Quiz
by Bill Carner
Special Collections, Ekstrom Library

  1. The Name of the Rose
  2. You're a Big Boy Now
  3. Chinatown
  4. The Serpent's Egg
  5. Wings of Desire
  6. Fahrenheit 451
  7. The Big Sleep
  8. Desk Set
  9. Desk Set
  10. Rollerball
Off Beat
12.  Ghostbusters
13.  Shawshank Redemption
14.  Party Girl
15.  Goodbye, Columbus
16.  Pagemaster
17.  The Gun in Betty Lou's Handbag
18.  It's a Wonderful Life
19.  Sleeping With the Enemy
20.  A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
  1. A young girl tries to read all the books in the card catalog in order.
  2. Jack Nicholson calls an archivist a "weasel" as he surreptitiously tears out the page of a book.
  3. Sean Connery is nearly killed by a very user-unfriendly classification system.
  4. In a future where all books are burned, the "library" is a clearing in the forest where rebels learn and recite books.
  5. Philip Marlowe must deal with a librarian and rare book dealer/pornographer.
  6. This movie features one of the all time great spelling songs (and a librarian named Marian).
  7. In this version of the future the central computer library has "lost" the 13th century.
  8. Convicted murderer revitalizes prison library.
  9. Librarian Julia Roberts tries to "disappear" by faking her death and moving to another city, where she takes a job as...a librarian.
  10. The monster which wants to destroy New York emerges from the New York Public Library.
  11. The hero's wife would've been a librarian if he'd never existed.
  12. Spencer Tracy brings in a computer named EMERAC to take over the reference department of a TV network.
  13. Out of work trapeze artist David Carradine takes a job in a 1933 Berlin archive.
  14. Kid is knocked unconscious in library, takes magical journey instead of calling Becker Law Office.
  15. German angels hang out in Berlin Library when off duty.
  16. Roller-skating New York Public Library stacks page falls in love in this Francis Ford Coppolla 60's coming-of age movie.
  17. A New York girl works in library to repay a loan of bail money and decides to become a librarian.
  18. Another NYPL library clerk on skates in a mistaken identity comedy.
  19. Humble librarian pursues country club heiress Ali McGraw.
  20. Shy librarian becomes celebrity when she finds a murder weapon and takes a few shots with it, as well as credit for the murder.
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