From the University Librarianimage

April was another hectic month for everyone. Use of the libraries was at a peak and many university events occurred. Several initiatives were started in regards to marketing the libraries for future fund-raising. The Kornhauser Friends of the Library and the Ekstrom Library Associates held successful annual events. Our preparations for the year 2000 and possible technology problems became more intense this month.

More than 4,000 persons used the new Metropolitan College Computer Lab in Ekstrom Library in March. It is a very popular place for students to work on research projects.

We finally received the microfiche for World Biographical Index. This very unique resource will be shared with the state of Kentucky and soon we will advertise its existence to other libraries for resource sharing. The index is accessible through the Web. (Include URL)

We have collected feedback from the staff on the development of the team structure and we will be studying it to make revisions for the coming year.

The Kentucky Commonwealth Virtual Library (KCVL) is now working on service agreements for document delivery and other services. The KCVL Information Literacy Committee is placing their six information literacy modules on the Web using COLLEGIS software and the assistance of several consultants.

The Kentucky Commonwealth Virtual University (KCVU) Faculty Development Committee is finalizing the planning for a 2-day faculty development program on May 17-18 in Louisville with an emphasis on pedagogy and teaching in the electronic environment. I will be one of the presenters on the topic of “administrative issues in technology-based instruction.” A delegation from our Information Literacy Team will be in attendance.

The Faculty/Staff Annual Fund campaign is now in process and this year it is designated for the University Libraries. A publicity event for this campaign, “Latte in the Library,” was held on April 23.

--Hannelore Rader