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A Column by Alice Abbott-Moore,
Content Access/Information Delivery Teams, Ekstrom Library

Healthy Eating Around Campus

I wish I had a nickel for every time I have heard people try to explain why they “blew their diet.” They say, “When I eat out at fast food places I can’t find anything healthy to order.” For a few years, I have experimented here in town as well as out of town to see if I could find healthy items at restaurants—full service, buffet or fast food establishments. Most of the time I have been successful. It takes a little effort, but it can be done. One suggestion I would like to give: do not go into a new restaurant on an empty stomach: if you do you are more apt to order the first thing(s) that look really good to you and such choice(s) may not be the most “healthy” for you. If you can, try to plan ahead if you know you will be going to an unfamiliar place. It helps to remember to eat healthy snacks between meals to avoid getting overly hungry at meal times while on the go.

Did you know that lunch is the meal most frequently eaten away from home? I usually bring my lunch to work every day, but occasionally I do eat out around campus. When I eat out I try to remember three (3) guidelines:

  1. Avoid fried foods
  2. Hold mayonnaise and mayonnaise-based dressings
  3. Hold the cheese

Here are some healthy fast food items I have found on campus.




SAC Cafeteria
The Student Activities Cafeteria has a salad bar, which can be really healthy. Just take into account what items are selected for your salad. Remember items such as cheese, olives, macaroni salad, salad dressings, etc. can make a difference!



Taco Bell
When Taco Bell had its Border Lights menu, one could eat pretty healthy there. But, here are the current lower fat items:

White Castle

There may be more healthy choices out there. Be sure to explore! If you do see more, let me know so that we can spread the word! Send me your findings at or call me at x8719.

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