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Art Library
On April 22 and 23 Gail Gilbert attended the Ohio Valley chapter meeting of the Art Libraries Society of North America in Columbus, Ohio. Chapter members met with the art and architecture librarians group at the OhioLINK offices where they heard about OhioLINK's latest projects, including the Digital Imaging Center.

The Visual Resources Library and the Cartoon, Graphics, and Photo Arts Research Library at Ohio State were toured. And a great deal of time was spent on planning the national meeting in 2000 which the Ohio Valley chapter is hosting in Pittsburgh.

Ekstrom Library
Office of the University Librarian
Crystal Humphreyhas resigned her position as Online Records Cataloger II, Grade 10, in Kornhauser Library effective April 2, 1999.

Rebecca Noonan has resigned her position as Library Associate, Grade 24, in Ekstrom Circulation effective April 8, 1999.

Robb Allen has accepted the position of Website Coordinator, Grade 25, in the Office of Libraries Technology, thus resigning his position as Program Coordinator, Grade 25, in the Distance Learning Program. He will begin the new job on April 19, 1999.

Two Teleconferences in May
"Copyright in the New Millennium: The Impact of Recent Changes to U.S. Copyright Law" Friday, May 21, 12noon-3pm,Ekstrom CLC & HSC B306

Hosted by: George Washington University Library. With a distinguished panel of experts, the teleconference will describe the new laws for the digital age and discuss the implications for libraries, archives, and educational institutions as they attempt to comply with the new laws. Also addresses strategies for the community as it engages in the ongoing studies required by the law and confronts pending database legislation.

"What's A Librarian To Do? The Filtering Dilemma" Tuesday, May 25, 1-3pm, Ekstrom CLC & HSC B306 Produced by SOLINET. Takes a realistic look at the real-world dilemma with which librarians are confronted by filtering decisions. Why are libraries faced with the controversial question of "to filter or not to filter" public access PCs? What's the impact of future technology on this dilemma? What are the courts saying? What's the legal status of filtering at this time?

Evaluation of Student Assistants
It's that time of year when the performance of student assistants, just as for all other University employees, is to be evaluated by supervisors, using the updated appraisal form issued last December. The overall score will help determine any wage increases for returning students. Supervisors were recently informed about the process. Copies of all appraisals are to be sent to Debbie Hawley no later than Friday, May 28.

Separation Questionnaire for Student Assistants
Speaking of students, we want to give departing students the opportunity to comment, anonymously if they wish, about their overall experience working in the libraries (their supervision, level of satisfaction, reasons for leaving, etc.) We hope to gain insights that might be helpful in improving our environment as a major campus employer. Supervisors are encouraged to give departing students a copy of the separation questionnaire along with a postage-paid envelope and encourage them to complete and return it. Additional copies are available from our office. Thanks for your cooperation in this effort.

Glenda Neely co-chaired the Poster Sessions at ACRL's 1999 National Conference in Detroit. Besides working with presenters she attended about 25 sessions on instruction, technology, business, student assistants and assessment. She reports the cool, rainy weather in Detroit kept the attendees focused on the Conference instead of sightseeing. However, her favorite activity was joining Mark Paul to tour the estate of Edsel and Eleanor Ford in Grosse Point (site of Grosse Point Blank movie), about 20 minutes from downtown on the only sunny day--the afternoon of the opening session. She also visited the African American History Museum, the Henry Ford Museum and the Detroit Public Library in evenings.

Teresa Bowden traveled with her mother to England at the end of March. They primarily went to visit relatives, especially for her mother to meet her cousins for the first time. They spent time in London and saw all the typical sights, and shopped in Camden Lot and Covent Garden...and of course, Harrod's. They also went to France on the Chunnel...the smoothest ride ever! Their last day was spent touring the beautiful grounds of Leeds Castle. They had an enjoyable but thoroughly exhausting trip.

Special Collections
Delinda Buie and Amy Purcell attended the KCA (Kentucky Council on Archives) Spring Meeting on April 23, held in the King Library of the University of Kentucky. The program contained presentations from UK’s Special Collections staff on research they had done. Jeff Suchanek’s talk was on Kentucky women veterans of World War II, Gordon Hogg’s talk was on the bizarre history of the USS Kentucky and Bill Marshall spoke on the genesis of his book Baseball’s Pivotal Era, 1945-1951. Bill’s presentation included bits of the oral histories he recorded with baseball greats. Ed Galloway of Carnegie Mellon University spoke on the HELIOS, a digital archive of Senator John Heinz III’s papers. He explained the process of developing searching and cataloging software necessary to effectively present archives in an electronic environment. He also detailed the planning involved to scan the archive. (To learn more about the HELIOS, see At the business meeting Delinda was elected to serve on the KCA Board.

The Disney Tarzan, The Ekstrom Library, and the Summer of 1999
By now, you may have seen the Disney/Tarzan tie-in exhibition in the Rare Books Gallery of Special Collections, Ekstrom Library. You may even have seen the animated Disney Tarzan film which opened in movie theatres on June 18. But this animated film has been in gestation for five years, and George McWhorter, Curator of the Burroughs Memorial Collection, was asked to be a consultant in the planning stages, sending in story synopses as well as 50 comp copies of the Tarzan books themselves for the Disney staff to read and absorb for "that touch of authenticity."

The Disney Studios have their own brand of hype which consists largely of keeping mum about their new releases until showtime, and then flooding the market with all manner of collectibles. They agreed, however, to send major samples of their original Tarzan art to a brand new museum which opened its doors last May in Boca Raton, Florida: The International Museum of Cartoon Art (IMCA). The exhibition is entitled Tarzan: From Foster to Disney. (If the "Foster" reference eludes you, it means that the art specimens will begin with Harold Foster's Tarzan of the Apes daily comic strip which was published in 1929. Foster illustrated the Sunday Tarzan strips from 1931 until 1936 before leaving to create Prince Valiant for the National Features Syndicate.) The Florida exhibit will remain open to the public until mid-September of this year.

We sent 162 books, periodicals, films, posters and sheet music from Ekstrom to go into this exhibition at IMCA. Meanwhile, the June issue of Collector’s Showcase carried a nine page color spread on the new Tarzan film, as well as a biographical sketch of the author and a squib about the Burroughs Memorial Collection in Louisville. We agreed to mount a tie-in exhibition at Ekstrom which will remain on view during the summer months until Labor Day.

Kersey Library
Its hard to believe that finals are here!! Where did the semester go!! I guess it goes by fast when you’re having fun! As usual Kersey will be setting up our Exam Post for the students! We always have positive responses on this from the students and we are happy to oblige in any way we can to assist them through the dreaded finals!

Dig this ... again!
A year ago this month I wrote about Michael Weinert, one of our staff members doing some fieldwork at an archaeological dig in Portugal, directed by Dr. Stephanie Maloney of Art History from UofL. The dig is a Roman villa "Torre de Palma.” Now Karen Habeeb, one of our student assistants, has been invited to Portugal during the same month, at the same time, on same dig where Michael Weinert was in Portugal! What do they call this....déjà vu? Karen Habeeb is a Humanities major in ancient cultures and was delighted at the thought of going to Portugal this month! We, at Kersey, are very proud of her achievements and wish her the best in Portugal! She's really going to dig it!

Mark Paul attended the Association of College and Research Libraries conference which was held in Detroit this year. Carol Brinkman attended the Kentucky Library Association Spring conference at Kenlake State Park and the Kentucky Department of Libraries and Archives meeting in Frankfort.

May Birthdays
Kersey is wishing our own Mark Paul, Ramkishan Gupta Chowdarapu and Sakrai Khaisaeng a very Happy Birthday this month. We extend that wish to all of you in the libraries. Have a happy one...enjoy those special days!

Kornhauser Library
Judy Wulff has been admitted to the National Library of Medicine 1999 fellowship program in Medical Informatics at the Marine Biological Laboratory at Woods Hole, Massachusetts in October. Thirty fellows are admitted each session; the costs of attending the course are borne by the National Library of Medicine. The purpose of the week-long course is to enhance medical informatics skills among medical educators, medical librarians, medical administrators, and other faculty to better equip them for making informed decisions about computer-based tools and becoming agents for change in their institutions.

Over 60 people attended the Annual Dinner Meeting of the Friends of the Kornhauser Library. The speaker, Dr. Jay Kloner of the Fine Arts Department, gave a presentation on "The Medical Dimensions of Van Gogh's Illness." Dr. Larry Gettleman was inducted as the President of Friends and Dr. Virginia Keeney was elected to the President-Elect position. Dr. Artie Bates was elected as a new member of the Board of Directors and Drs. Morris Weiss and Fritz Parkins were reinstalled as Board Members, each with a new three-year term.

Michel Atlas will attend her daughter Debbie's graduation (summa cum laude!!) from Emory University May 10 and help her move to Washington D.C. where she will assume her first job as Director of Communications for Americans for Democratic Action. (Prominent Louisvillians--Barry Bingham Sr. [C-J publisher] and Wilson Wyatt [former mayor] were founding members, along with Eleanor Roosevelt, Adlai Stevenson, Hubert Humphrey and John Kenneth Galbraith.)

Everyone in Circulation and ILL is getting used to working as the Public Access Services (PAS) team. Felix Garza has moved from his office in ILL to Circulation. Once there, he couldn’t help himself and remodeled just a bit. With the aid of Joan Nailon, Leah Gadzikowski, Karin Burton, and Kathy Rogers, the Stable area, where books are organized and reshelved, has taken on a new look.

Kathy and Leah have taken on the responsibility for hiring and supervising student assistants for both the Circulation and ILL areas of PAS. They’ve been busy interviewing students and refurbishing the training procedures. Their goal is for all of the student assistants to be able to work in either area if needed. All of the students in the circulation area have pulled journals for ILL at least once and some of them have also learned to send article via Ariel to other Universities. Assistants from ILL are also helping out by taking time at the Circulation Desk.

Four new student assistants have joined our staff and we’d like to welcome them. They are Eric Supplee, Adam Freihaut, Jason Cooper, and Brian Casebier.

Kathy and Leah also initiated the Student of the Week program to recognize a student or students for the extra effort that they give. Our first four recipients are as follows: March 21-27, Eric Supplee; March 28- April 2, Elizabeth Alexander; April 3 – 9, The Friday Crew: Eric Supplee, Stephanie McDonald, Kelly Wooden, Adam Freihaut, ZhuWei Chen, and Tamara Sluss; and, April 10 – 16, Kelly Wooden. Thanks! We couldn’t do it without you.

Law Library
Metropolitan College Bound
Congratulations are in order for Rosalyn Mills, Law Library Secretary and Receptionist! She has received a promotion to the Metropolitan College program as an Administrative Assistant. Her last day with us will be April 22, 1999. We hosted a farewell luncheon in her honor. Congratulations Rosalyn and Best Wishes!

Music Library
The Music Library welcomes Donald Dean as the new Listening Services Supervisor. Don comes to Music Library from Ekstrom Library, where he's worked since 1990, most recently as head of the stacks maintenance unit. During the academic year, Don will work from 1-9pm, Monday-Thursday, and on Sunday during our open hours, providing evening and weekend patrons the same level of service received by daytime patrons. We are pleased to have him on the staff.

The Music Library staff welcomed the Library Associates for a musical interlude on April 14. Dr. Robert Weaver gave a brief introduction to the special collections housed in the Music Library. Items from the Ricasoli, Grawemeyer, Philipp and Jean Thomas collections were on display in the Seminar Room.

University Archives & Records Center
Tom Owen, Kathie Johnson, and Mary Margaret Bell spoke to students about careers in archives at a Manual High School Career Fair March 23.

Tom Owen joined seven other Kentucky historians for an extended dinner conversation at the Mansion with Governor Paul Patton. They discussed our Commonwealth's future prospects in light of our history.

Tom Owen participated in a panel discussion on "Louisville's 1974 Tornado" aired on WFPL 89.3 FM Radio's State of Affairs program.